Best winter boots #sorel

DIY Pom Pom garland

Just helping with laundry

Silly girl

Oh hank

Silly Georgie

Playing in the snow

Someone is not leaving the patio. Has no clue what this white stuff is... lol #coonhound #treeingwalkercoonhound

Homework time

Loves sleeping in the sun

Someone is getting fat... yay!!! No more ribs showing

Finally got someone’s pictures...

Jase busy at school... love getting photos throughout the day...

Gooo Georgie

Just playing

Someone was cuddling with me today

Cuddling with papa

Jases handmade birthday card

They cuddled yesterday

Someone likes my garden and likes to dig in it...

This kid


Busy painting

Loving her apples

My boys


Dinner last night

Oh hanky.... someone is getting big lol

So comfy... missed his papa this morning

Making a birthday card for his party that he was invited to...

So tired

Watching #jackhartmann

Everyone in the kitchen

So cute

Someone was cuddling with papa last night

Found Jase’s 4yr old preschool photos

Silly jase

Jase’s turn

Two peas in a pod

Working hard

Loves to be in the sun

Helping grandma

So busy

Reading books

Finally got my meal plan completed now to stick to it

Now brother is helping

Dumping out bin #1

Now dumping out bin #2

Cuddling brothers #coonhound #beagle

So comfy #coonhound