2018 had its ups and downs but glad to have these people/pups by my side...

Chilling watching Masha the Bear

Massive track in the works

This is one way to bring in the new year...

This one hates the rain... just wants to sleep all day.

Just late night crafting with hubby

Silly puppy

Her hair is getting so long!

All the pups with Jase

Auntie is very happy @michelle.corsini

I think we should give up on the sucker fish

Just chillin

Kids playing or watching...

Something about Mary hairdo tonight

Loving Papa

Pretty little girl

Wow 2016 was good for the boys... so much stuff

Hanks 10th Christmas! Love you to the moon and back little Hanky Panky...

Loved his first Christmas!!! We are so happy to have you Waylon as part of our family. You are a true joy!

His first Christmas and he’s exhausted!

Byers/Szewczyk Christmas!

Ready to open presents

Someone is finally understanding to use the pillows instead of chewing them lol. #spoiledpuppy #treeingwalkercoonhound

Making cookies

I’m so tired after my walk tonight nothing will wake me up.

Making cookies

So comfy

Madeline started the track and jase completed it

So happy

Playing with Madeline

Man she’s out cold. Got her boots on without waking her up...

Everyone is so tired this morning

Baby girls tired and we have to leave in 20 mins to pick up brother

Working hard to finish Christmas orders

Teacher gifts

Cookies this morning with grandma

Won’t let go of Peppa

Loves her new necklace


Now resting/coughing

Bed head

So unhappy

The new addition of the pine cones or what Jase says “acorns”

Best buds

Relaxing on Sunday