Well the nap didn’t last long

So happy she’s taking a nap.

So sick... poor baby

Going to be in the 80’s today! Woot woot! But we have rain in the forecast for the next 5-6 days... ⛈

Mama I’m trying to sleep

All of them comfy cozy...

Best day ever! I won a $100 gift card to @primallypure and this is what I got! Can’t wait to try some of the new products. If you haven’t tried @primallypure before you must!

50’s today and 80’s tomorrow. This weather needs to make up its mind. Is it spring or summer?

He’s exhausted after his fun time in the garden.

Someone ate my onions and dug in my garden

I’m a human jungle gym

So tired

Just Playing

Well someone is down for the count already with the flu...

It’s Monday. I got three kids that have horrible coughs and I’m thinking I’m getting whatever they have as well. Time to use all my DIY #essentialoils blends I made yesterday.

New #essentialoils blend for the kiddos. #doterra

Watching Georgie


Just working in my #bulletjournal for next week..

Also going through our storage unit. #purging a ton. #trying to get more #minimalism in our live. Most things we have not seen for a year and haven’t missed so going through about 30 boxes was pretty easy. Only kept things that we loved.

Just making some #essentialoils roller blends. One for #nasalrelief, #immunebomb and #headache using my #doterra oils!

Another gloomy/rainy day here. Good day to go through kid toys and make some essential oil blends...

Waylon just blowing bubbles

Happy Saturday! We are busy wrapping orders for @pozniak_designs and then headed out to celebrate a birthday!

So tired

Cuddling with Hank

This is what Georgie wants to keep in his bin...

Just doing a little work

I think I need to fix this mop


O U T F I T OF THE DAY. Even though my 10x10 challenge didn’t work, I’m happy to report that I’m using 75% of my clothes when normally people use only 20%. So, at least I have that. • Today is laundry day folding and putting away 3 bins of clothes. Yay! Happy Friday ya’ll!

Hey... just running around!


Cutie in pigtails

Georgie and Oliver...

He graduated from 3 year old preschool today!

So tired... #treeingwalkercoonhound #rescuedog

Ready to give his teachers their gift... of course the card had to drop out right before I snapped the photo. argh.

They were so tiny!

I made it to only 8/10 days of my 10x10 challenge. With sick kids and the weather going to be in the 80’s today I just wanted to wear what I wanted to wear. Oh well. Going to give the 10x10 challenge a rest and try again in a few weeks.

A little messy bun for Madeline

Jase got his own #bulletjournal to use how he wishes. Wanted to be just like mama.

Playing with watercolors like mama

These kids love painting

Painting his artwork for his teacher

Waylon living his best life! #treeingwalkercoonhound #rescuedog

O U T F I T 8/10 of my 10x10 challenge. I have realized for the next one to have 2 sets of pants as wearing one just isn’t working. Added these to my capsule.

Cutie last night all tucked in

These cuties did so well today. Even though in the end they got sick.

The sick ones are cuddling together