Making the letters of the alphabet

Boys eating and playing with legos


@thebiker45 must be a happy man... the Monte is back in the garage until I need to work on another sign... lol

Getting back into #memorykeeping in my #bulletjournal

She was saying “cheese” to Cheryl. 🤣 📸: @clynnelder

She is getting so big! 📸: @clynnelder

Pretty girl 📸: @clynnelder

On watch again due to a squirrel in the back yard

Running to pick up Georgie from school

Playing with babies

Chicken pot pie for dinner tonight

Homemade cheddar biscuits

Someone had a bit too much fun at school today and passed out as soon as we got home

I see you in there

Making sure brother ate all of his lunch at school today

Just eating the fake cheese in the cheese and crackers

Hanky sleeping in bed

So tired

Pulling Georgie with a shovel

Oh hanky

Cuddling with mama

Going to rest for like 2 mins before I want to go out again...

Waylon is so confused by mirrors he doesn’t get it

Hectic morning already. Hopefully this afternoon gets better

Ran to the store with the kids and come home to this... thanks Waylon... there was something in our backyard this morning...

Playing house

Time to build puzzles

Starting to work on my fall capsule... anyone else do wardrobe capsules?

I’m so ready for fall to begin... 🍁🍂🍁

Cutie pie

Cleaned out the attic last night and found tons of scrap wood to burn

They ❤️ each other

These pups

So tired

Kids watching #blippi and dogs sleeping

Dinners for the rest of the week and next week...

Ready for fall to start...


What it’s like to pack orders with a toddler...

Pumped for lunch bunch after preschool today!!!

Busy picking flowers for me

Loving my quick fire hydrangeas

Building a track together

Building a house

Heard a loud noise and had to put these on

Playing dress up with her dolls

First half of dinners this week #dinnermenu

Mechanic Madeline to the rescue

Spring broke in the garage again...