Woohoo! New trans for the Monte

Just eating

Jon found a horse skull

Priss and Donald

Cars a mess and the campers is too... the county highways were all black ice coming home

So tired waiting to surprise Georgie when we picked him up from preschool

Packing up on Sunday night to head home before the snow comes and then we get stuck in Arkansas

Actually had a small button buck come up behind me and spook me in the morning. Was about 10ft from him.

Last day of hunting on Sunday. Had a weird feeling to get outta there like something was watching me...

Well I got a deer 🦌

My spot opening day

Up by the barn

Donald the rooster

So pretty

We made it! Arkansas Hunting trip 2019

Love this place

Our drive up to the cabin!

Trading apples for cookies smart girl lol

Taking photos of herself

Upset with me and the camera


Beef stew ready for our trip

All tucked in

Made 4 packs of chili

Pretty girl

Minnie and Mickey!

Making chili for our hunting trip...

I think my #fedex guy is going to kill me with all these packages lol...

Busy busy weekend for @pozniak_designs. We completed over 11 signs in 2 days. Now to pack them all...

Cute while they sleep

Bagels for days....

Pups relaxing

Eating all the candy

We are ready... 2019 HALLOWEEN

Madeline wanted this from the hobby store

At the model store

She’s Minnie Mouse!

Can he pick up both... yes he can

Waiting for Jase

Jase is a vet Doctor...

Jases class for Halloween

My car fits in the garage and it’s back to the factory height... getting things ready...



Oh Georgie


Georgie’s class all dressed up for Halloween!

Waiting for school...