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We survived day 1 of spring break! Yay! Grandma comes today and I will be running some mid week errands. #legitmomstyle

Looking fly

Playing outside

They wake up but are laying down again. Lol

Naps for everyone!

I’m tired now lol

Mama let me out please

This kid is just like me. Loves math...

Day 1 of spring break and asking what are we going to do today. It’s going to be a LONG week. Hopefully the weather holds out and they can play outside for most of the day... 🤞🏻#legitmomstyle

I feel ya Waylon. Wish I could lay in bed all day too...

So happy

Madeline’s turn to paint

I painted Madeline’s waiting for her to wake up. Lol

Jase did some color blocking

Added some flowers/grasses to Georgie’s



Time to paint

Boys made some bird houses

Bagels hot outta the oven

Dog food done ✔️

Banana bread headed for the oven!

Outfit of the day. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain all day...

Someone got his hair cut this morning

Loving the sunshine

Spring break is going well over here

We are officially on springbreak and have had our 536 meltdown of the day. It’s going to be a long week... lol.

Always in the rocks

Playing outside

Bath time

Headed to #target this morning... need to get some milk and new table lamps. Let’s hope I can get out of there under $50... 🤞🏻

Close up...

My dream catcher came yesterday!!! I’m in love.


Today will be a cleaning day. Mostly upstairs. Hopefully I can complete it by the time I have to pick Georgie up at noon from preschool. Wish me luck...

Anyone else have kid room that look like this? I guess I will be cleaning this today.

Yummy! #skinnytaste

Casual for today and most of my clothes. Finally found a pair of black jeans from #oldnavy. Yay!


So tired

Working on Madeline’s wardrobe capsule for #spring and #summer. Ready for the warmer weather.

Tonight’s #dinner via #skinnytaste

Working on our master bedroom redo...

Playing with water

Nap time already for her

Helping mama take photos...

Old man Hank

Early morning monster trucks at play

Just sitting on brothers head

Oh hank