Someone was busy with a lampshade while we were gone... oh Waylon...

Georgie “helping”

Jase building puzzles

Waylon all curled up

Georgie and Hank

Oh Madeline

Jon fixing the furnace or trying to figure out what’s wrong

Today’s weather

Our neighbor got stuck the other day. Good thing I didn’t need to go anywhere as I probably would have been stuck in my lowered suburban

Making tracks

This is more like it

Just going to stay curled up for the next 2 days... well me not Waylon.

Being busy pouring the toilet bowl cleaner

Someone likes cotton candy like papa

They are pumped!

Monster trucks

The boys went to see monster trucks today

Making French toast sticks for lunch.

And we are off

The show is about to begin

It’s a monster show!

I know someone who would want this

Playing with a new Peppa toy

Cutie pie

It’s bread and pizza day!

Silly pup sleeping on my shoulder

Have stayed for the most part on our meal plan this month!

Sear is on point!

Cuddling with Hank

Jase wanted to hold the number 5

He’s 35 this year!

No wonder she was so quite in the kitchen

Let the mess begin

Happy birthday to the best papa around! Cheers to you!

Model night

Cousin time!

Model night

Silly jase

He looks less than thrilled to go out

Jase is ready

Playing together

Cuddle time

Boat time

Cage is packed up. Hopefully Waylon doesn’t need it anymore

Lunch time

Puzzle time


It’s Peppa!!!

That’s not how you use it

Goofy puppy