Everyone relaxing

Boys resting


Pretty girl

Just playing

Loving these high rise jeans from #americaneaglejeans

While hank watches

Just chewing on a bone

Well this is messy

Pigs in a blanket for dinner tonight!

Her new favorite snack

Story time

Getting comfy

She can sleep anywhere

And pancakes for Georgie

Air fryer baked potato with chili! Yum

The outside at least looked ok.

New slippers again. The other ones where cheap and broke

That grill

This is what happens when your yeast has expired... 😭

This doesn’t look comfy

Just donating a ton to Amvets this week! So glad they pick up...

This vine is literally as big as Hank lol

Thanks ma for the bone...

Went to get new glasses and sunglasses today... my prescription is so much worse than Jons

Cheesy garlic bread with salads for dinner tonight

Hanky always by my side

Just playing

Playing with stencils

Had a busy morning barking inside/outside now exhausted

Just chewing on a net

Oh Hanky...

I see a ton of rice bowls in my near future...

French toast for breakfast

Doing flips

Working hard

Georgie sharing his blankets with Hank

Monster trucks


Giving kisses

Just sleeping

All curled up