Lunch served...

Just eating off the floor... totally normal right

Playing with sisters house

Mirror is hung ✔️ now to get the fence panels replaced today. So glad is it sunny out. #legitmomstyle

Such a big girl

Sleeping with my slipper


My helpers today... @pozniak_designs

It’s time to get this mirror hung this weekend... I have many things on the to do list for this gloomy day... #legitmomstyle

Just playing

So much fresh air for her... tuckered out

Working on next week’s meal plan...

Really?!?! He bent up the chicken wire to get into that space... almost the weekend to get this fixed.

This kid.

Everyone resting/waiting to head outside...

Bird houses are cleared and ready to go outside this weekend!!!

It’s FRIDAY!!!! We made it! Thank goodness it has been nice weather so the kids can play outside. Cheers to the weekend! #legitmomstyle

Finished Madeline’s #oldnavy spring wardrobe capsule 🙌🏻

Dinner tonight. Beef and broccoli from @skinnytaste

Someone is just like mama and taking doors apart.

Well that didn’t last long...

All prepped and just need to put in the grid this weekend along with some seeds!

Boys helped get the garden prepped

Wow fence panels are really expensive... and we have to replace 3!

Let’s tackle this day... off to the hardware store to get some much nerd seeds/dirt/spray paint and chicken wire to keep the big guy out of the corner.... #legitmomstyle

Nothing like fixing a fence at 7am in the morning... I guess we know what we are doing this weekend. Replacing 3 fence panels.

Just finished our #squarefootgardening for our vegetable garden. Pretty excited... somethings are going in this weekend!

Dinner tonight from the one and done @skinnytaste cookbook.

Getting really into it lol

She’s a planting bee

Madeline planting cucumbers

Georgie planting nasturtium Alaska

Time to water his plants

All done.

Jase planting zinnias

Time to plant some flowers and cucumbers...

Just relaxing this morning

Got a new mirror now just to hang... #legitmomstyle

Jase got a spy kit

Jase working on his #kiwico box

She was upset she couldn’t help

Time to play

Almost done

Georgie working on his #kiwico box

Oh hank... my cuddle buddy

Reading a Clifford book

They turned out pretty good.

Cranberry juice gummy legos

Making gummy’s with grandma

Twister at 7:30am...