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Working on Madeline’s wardrobe capsule for #spring and #summer. Ready for the warmer weather.

Tonight’s #dinner via #skinnytaste

Working on our master bedroom redo...

Playing with water

Nap time already for her

Helping mama take photos...

Old man Hank

Early morning monster trucks at play

Just sitting on brothers head

Oh hank

Corned beef turned out amazing in the IP!

So far so good.

So much better!

Bagels, dog food and banana breads all made this morning oh and pancake mix for the week.

Making corned beef in the IP today!

Jons making me a shelf for this mess of spices...

Just relaxing

So tired

I can’t believe it snowed last night but at least it is melting already by us. #thredup #converse #americaneaglejeans

Working on his leprechaun trap

So comfy, cozy

He sure does loves his pillows

Water heater in and works ✔️ humidifier in and works✔️ now to get this room back together.

Now we are replacing the humidifier... never ending over here

Georgie had to go in the corner yesterday for elbowing Jase in the face and Madeline put herself in the corner as well... 🤷‍♀️

Garage is a mess, orders are everywhere... can’t wait to get everything back in its place. My OCD is on high right now. Lol

And so it begins

How is this comfy?

We actually practiced

Well better...

Back at it making a mess he can’t clean up by himself... strange how he can make the mess all by himself but not clean it... hmmm... maybe I should try this. 🤪

So tired

Got this tee from @thetop_tees on #Etsy. I think it fits us perfectly.

Got her hair half up finally

And Madeline is sleeping... should I take a nap now?!?!

Georgie is sleeping...

They are sleeping....

Simple outfit for a day when the water heater breaks... #amazon #oldnavy #realtree

Nothing like your water heater breaking at 10:30pm last night...

Lining up all the stickers

Papa made some wood ramps for the boys.

It’s going to be 67 degrees today breaking out the T-shirt! #target #americaneagle #amazon

#momoutfit on this glumly day. At least I’m comfy... #walmart #thredup #oldnavy #amazon

So tired

Georgie’s work

They are all ready

Watching Jase get on the bus

Prepping dinner

I’m not sure...

We are nailing the smiles lately