Jase picked some flowers on our walk last night for our table

Happy Easter everyone! I have about 5 loads of laundry to put away today and then we are going to try smoking our ham on the grill for dinner tonight. Fingers crossed it works. 🤞🏻#legitmomstyle #easter2019

Hi Mama!

Cuddling with hank

Going to crush today! It’s going to be nice out so we will be outside all day! What are you up to on this beautiful Saturday? #legitmomstyle

Just making a mess

Playing DR

DIY glow serum using #doterra essential oils.

All my kids love the salad spinner

Just playing with #pjmask bandages. Joy.

#outfits of the week vol. 2. It was a jeans kind of week with mules #legitmomstyle

Tickling my toes

Happy Friday! Even though to me it feels like Saturday for some reason. Going to relax today and work in the garage later tonight on @pozniak_designs orders. Happy Friday everyone! #legitmomstyle

So cute and I need to vacuum the couch from Waylon’s hair all over the place lol 😂

This is how she laid all morning

Someone is tired after his bath

Got my #doterra order today!

It’s Thursday! Last day for school this week for the boys for Easter break. Now to tidy the house on this gloomy day. #legitmomstyle

Silly girl

These two are so close


It’s hump day! My favorite day of the week, as I get to have a lunch date with hubby. #legitmomstyle

Easter bunny came early to Grandmas house...

Playing a game

Just playing

Working on his car. Came home early and went right to work

Here you need this?

So a cutie

These 2

Georgie helping

Papa working on the Monte

So hungry

Hank got a bath last night. Tried to get the big guy in the tub and it was like lifting myself “dead weight” into the tub. I gave up.

Bagel day

As Jon would say “Casper’s here” or the “white ghost” boo. Blahaha! #legitmomstyle

Just playing with mega blocks

Working in the yard today and putting more seed down. It’s going to be 72 degrees today. FINALLY. #legitmomstyle

Just reading

So pumped

Working on our budget this morning... yay! While Madeline watches Zou and Georgie plays with water in the sink... he’s going to be soaked soon probably #legitmomstyle

The many ways Waylon sleeps

Puppy feet

Oh Waylon...

Just want some loving

She was looking at papa sleeping and didn’t know what to think.

Madeline’s first time playing in the snow and she lost her boot and had a wet sock...

Puppies were so comfy last night

Well it’s snowing a ton! Wasn’t ready for the snow again but it’s here. Letting the kids go out and play hopefully for the last time this spring... #legitmomstyle

Working on the Monte

Their fort