Just being crazy...

#aldi for the win! Got this 5x7 rug for $15 bucks. Now to find another one that can go under the picnic table.

Another rainy day here. Madeline and I will be grocery shopping at #aldi while the brothers are at school. #legitmomstyle

This isn’t going to end well

Raining all day today with kids off school it’s going to be an interesting day today. ⛈ #legitmomstyle

Removing a mouse from our house...

Argh Waylon!!!!!

Our picnic table!

Our new chairs and table

Now replacing the light fixture

Silly jase

Just trying the new chairs out

I don’t want to share the chair

My turn

Testing out his chair

Everyone relaxing

Weekly outfits vol. #3 #legitmomstyle #cladwellapp #weeklyoutfits

Just at our favorite place #menards

Putting our picnic table together!

Happy Sunday! It’s actually sunny and not snowing! Wahoo! #legitmomstyle

Birthday cake completed

Lets get his party started... doing a few things before people come over today and it snows! 😭 why does it have to snow today! It’s April! #legitmomstyle #birthdayweekend

Can’t wait to replace this with a picnic table!

Resting up for tomorrow’s big day!

Made my #doterra #onguard all purpose cleaner the other day

My favorite 2 products for the last 2 months! @primallypure cleansing oil and deodorant!

So tired

These two.

Tomorrow my baby girl turns 2!!!! Last night was a bit rough she had a night terror we think but I swear when I was sitting with her in her room we both saw a black shadow floating down the door, creeped us out and ran into our room to sleep. It was the spookiest thing I have ever seen. Good thing @thebiker45 was there to protect us lol. Happy Friday! #legitmomstyle #cladwellapp

Waylon my plants aren’t pillows!

So happy that someone loves pillows instead of trying to eat them lol#coonhound #treeingwalkercoonhound

Just playing around with #watercolors again in my #bulletjournal

Just playing with my airplane

Just doing a little plant shopping with my sidekick. #legitmomstyle #homedepot

Silly Waylon

3 more days until my little girl turns 2! Going to finish up some orders we have for @pozniak_designs and get those ready to ship out before her party on Saturday. I think the mailman is going to kill me lol. #legitmomstyle

It’s Wednesday! Almost done with the week. Today I have to get food and supplies for Madeline’s party on Saturday. Also headed for our lunch date with hubby. #legitmomstyle

They were cuddling last night

Literally passed out right before we had to pick up Georgie

So happy

Someone is comfy on mama

It’s Tuesday! Everyone goes back to school today and we get back to our normal schedule! Yay! #legitmomstyle

Someone thought throwing a sock on the mountains was a good idea... now which kid did it

In reality what I’m wearing right now since it’s a bit cold out still #legitmomstyle

Hank tucked himself in

Got to put this all away... on the list to do today...

Kids are off school today and we are just going to enjoy the nice weather today. Maybe get a little cleaning done for the Missy’s party this weekend. #legitmomstyle

Ready to play outside lol

Honey glaze carrots and cheesy broccoli as our sides

Smoked ham on the grill so good.