Oh Hank

We got papa a sharpening stone for Father’s Day...

End result. Jase’s rainbow turned out the best I think

It’s starting

Watching their creations come to life

We did watercolors in the rain today.

Someone is pumped about rainbow bouncy balls

Going to play outside as much as possible before the rain comes this afternoon...

Breakfast and lunch together

Resting on mama

Hey we parked normal today! Yay!!!

Maybe the sign will help? Thanks Janet!

New day, new car blocking the sidewalk...

Everyone cuddling

W E E K L Y • O U T F I T S

Biscuits and gravy... all homemade...

This toy is pretty creepy

Blocked the sidewalk again...

Kids playing with the neighbor kids

It’s Friday! We made it through another week of summer! Now to get some projects/activities for next week for summer school for the kids... next weeks theme is OCEAN.

Homemade biscuits

Both kids have clean ears no more ear infections!

Cooler day today. 2 kids have check ups on their ears and then a few errands and then playing outside for the rest of the day!

Papa doing tricks

#blippi in the house

Someone got a new bike which fits him better

Everyone is on bikes

Made the Big Dipper

Madeline and hank

Georgie just eating them

Jase made a dog

Had a downpour and needed his headphones

Smoking a roast in the rain

Homemade hamburger buns


Coloring rockets

I see you...

It’s going to rain today... going to try and smoke a chuck roast on the grill... hoping the rain can hold off otherwise I will be smoking it on the porch which is covered lol.

Love when people block the sidewalk...

Still coloring

Time to color

Jase’s track he built

Cool dude

So big

Smiley girl

Making crayons