So dark.

It’s coming

Just watching the down pour

No power... and no eta... yay!

Going to be another HOT day today!

Comfy cozy

Built a tower at breakfast

Garden is coming in nice but we have a baby bunny that keeps coming into our yard which sadly won’t last long with the 2 hound dogs...

We have green peas!!!

This is only half of our shirts... I think I did a few too many lol...

Let’s do this

Tye dye

Even cut my hair more...

Haircuts for the boys

Pretty puppies

Snack time

Someone has a few curls

Georgie wasn’t happy for some reason

So busy with water

Pool day again


Why mama why?

Banana phone... hello

So much happening on our tiny patio...

Of course we get the biggest one they have...

She ready before the water is even in it

Pool day

Just cuddling

Someone wanted to pose next to the sign... lol.

Being silly...

Lost this NUK on Friday at aldi. Went today to pick up a few things and low and behold it was still there!

Making homemade crunch wraps and using the air fryer...

So busy

Working hard

Walking rainbow 🌈 end results

Walking rainbow 🌈

Walking rainbow 🌈

Walking rainbow 🌈

Walking rainbow 🌈

Waylon is still super tired from his camping weekend

This is what she did to the sandwich when she was done. Vacuuming tonight...

Waiting on brother to come down from “quite time”

Watercolors and white crayons

Madeline coloring

My watercolor

Watercoloring outside