Last day of swim class

Day 3 of swim class

Day 3 of swim class

Day 2 of swim class

Day 2 of swim class

Day 1 of swim class

Day 1 (I’m behind on posting these)

Day 1 of swim class

Cuddling with Hank

Trying out the scooter

Jase on his scooter

Running to give hugs

Made a new bagel today... French toast flavoring

Fell asleep on the couch...

Smiling and sleeping

Dinners next week

More cats

We saw two cats

Pretty kitty

Seal lions were quite noisy

With auntie and uncle!

Waiting patiently for the show to begin

Dolphin show

Ready for the show!

We are at the Zoo!!!

The boys and Grandpa went to see the Big Boy train in West Chicago...

Georgie and my Dad pretty alike... I guess Georgie’s name suits him perfectly.

Now we know how much space is above the driver and passenger seats...

Always checking out the bathroom

They found their beds

Madeline is surprised on the size of them

Checking out RV’s at the RV Show at Bass Proshop

This is my picnic table mama...

Madeline is pumped as well

Jase is pumped

happy Georgie

Helping papa replace a light switch

Almost had all of them

Albino crocodile

Running around


Painted African dogs

Someone is tired at lunch

Finally Jase got to see a polar bear!

Reading to his sister

Sleepy Hank

We are racing

Oh Georgie

They are almost all pink!

Morning play outside