I miss you Shooter. Hope you having been chasing all the rabbits up there... 🌈

Dinner tonight...

Out cold

She’s saying “cheese”

She’s two and can still fit in her swing

Now onto legos I can’t keep up 🤪

Today is about #payingbills and cleaning up the #kidtoys

For a picnic mess

Cleaned up this mess this morning

Just eating my sandwich

Full week of school!!! Can wait to get back on this schedule.

Dinner tonight and we have some leftovers for lunches this week: Meatball Kabobs with Parmesan Herb Rice #emeals

Thanks Auntie...

Daily #letterboardquotes

Menu for next week!

Pretty girl! Thank you Kayla for the dress!

Yum yum...

Blue berry muffins

Watching tv after baths

Oh hank...

Sleeping beauty

I’m guessing all the stuffed animals will help..

I’m all tucked in...

Sinuses and allergies are taking their toll on me today. Dr. Jase is taking care of me today.

Monster show...

Playing with Peppa

This looks safe

This is my fourth batch of bagels this week. Can I say we love bagels...

It’s FRIDAY!!! I keep thinking it’s Saturday. This week has been all over the place...

Went to lunch with papa

Georgie got the RED ROOM

It’s going to be a LONG day. She’s already napping

Madeline was super upset that Jase had to go to school

First day of school!

Jase and Ms. Strizu. First grade here we come tomorrow!

Georgie and his kitty

Poor kid had to get 2 shots today... but he did great.

Getting his wellness check for school today.

Can’t believe Georgie is 4 already! Happy Birthday Georgie!!!

Jase reading to Georgie and Madeline

Just barking at me to go out - our Neighbor just got 2 new dogs. Waylon wants to be friends lol

Love this bike

Oh Georgie

Pretty girl in her Minnie shirt

Had to fire last night

This is my table

Guess who’s 3 today!?!?! Happy birthday Waylon!

Madeline and Papa headed to the pet store while the boys and I get haircuts and get groceries

Cool truck Jon saw at the pet store