Jase’s School work

Monster show time

He ran 34 laps!!! Good job Jase!

Looking at clouds

Still playing with legos

Legos and a stuffy nose poor Georgie

Playing with legos

They love cuddling together

This goofy pup

Loves “baby shark”

Windows are open!!! Yes!

Hank and Georgie’s baby


Jase learning opposites

Play time with Hank

Drawing his ABC’s thanks Chris and Jeff for my present! He loves it

Up early to start building... thanks Christina and Jeff for my awesome present!

Georgie pushing Jeff off the boat

And he was out within 10 mins of heading home

Captain Georgie

Captain Madeline

Madeline jumping into the pool sort of lol

The men

Pool time

Madeline on a Swan

Oh Madeline

She’s smiling

Captain Jase

Oh Jon

Captain Jeff

Watching Auntie and Uncle

Madeline and Papa on the jet ski

Jase and Papa on the jet ski

Georgie loving it on the water

Cuties on uncles boat

Beautiful day at the Lake

Thanks Hank for trampling my hostas...

Just rocking outside with her Minnie shirt

Happy Sunday!

Now Georgie’s baby must be wrapped

Wrapped up her baby in a blanket

They love playing with shovels

Georgie made his pants shorts

Cuddling with Hank - Hanks behind him

Loves her Peppa drink

Chilling with Waylon

Watch out

I miss you Shooter. Hope you having been chasing all the rabbits up there... 🌈