Pups relaxing

Eating all the candy

We are ready... 2019 HALLOWEEN

Madeline wanted this from the hobby store

At the model store

She’s Minnie Mouse!

Can he pick up both... yes he can

Waiting for Jase

Jase is a vet Doctor...

Jases class for Halloween

My car fits in the garage and it’s back to the factory height... getting things ready...



Oh Georgie


Georgie’s class all dressed up for Halloween!

Waiting for school...

We got snow! Wet wet snow

Lasagna soup in the #instantpot from #skinnytaste

All curled up watching axle...

Goodbye fall and hello winter tomorrow... who’s ready!!?!?!?

Extra comfy

Not sure what she’s doing

Funny faces

This is her smiling

Oh my

Silly girl

Happy gotcha day!!! We have had Waylon for a full year and so happy he is part of our family!

Starting on our pumpkins

Waylon likes pumpkin!

Georgie carving his pumpkin

Jase carving his pumpkin

2019 pumpkin carvings

Fall 2019


It’s “Peppa the pig”


Checking out the chickens

They love to twist...

Oh Jonathan


We clean up pretty well...

The Poz clan...

Oh steve...

We are ready!!! @marceline05


Bathroom selfie with @marceline05

It’s wedding time!

Got her “pretties” done by Papa

Just watching Daniel Tiger