She is such a goof...

Ate at portillios last night

When you’re in the dogs spot on the couch he just stares at you...

Been a lazy day today...

Thanksgiving #2 in the books!

Happy thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Craft morning with Grandma

They were so good this morning going grocery shopping and the hair cut place they each picked out a snack.

Just got his hair cut today so handsome

Playing with paper tonight

He’s on a roll with these models

Helping fold towels

Early Thanksgiving dinner with my side of the family...

Last night I was able to batch and print all my photos till week 23! Im getting there.

Busy sweeping

Tracks that Jase and Madeline built

Oh Georgie...

Funny faces...

Busy watching #peppapig

Working on this room and the boys today... #organizedhome

Pushed the dolly all by herself

I am crazy to start this project so late in the year but I missed it. So here goes nothing... anyone else as behind as me?!?! 🤣

Rainy day

Smile 😊

So tired after school...

Determined squirrel

We are just crafting over here

Scrapbook stuff has taken over the oven...

Wiping boogers

Peppa pig and family on the record player

Super red!

Day 7 of #novemberdaily

Working more on my #novemberdaily journal. Almost all caught up...

Persuasive writing from jase

Has all her babies next to her

Missing my partner in crime today... as he went back to work. It was nice having him around last week...

And it’s bagel day...

Back tracking in my journal to get writing in my #novemberdaily journal...

Jons new models

Not again...

Starting to use my typewriter again...

Just the girls today

Got a mini sewing machine from @aldi and it was already used... this will be returned

Pups taking a nap

Dinner menu for this week

It’s that time of season...

Madelines drawing at the vet

Vet day for the puppies

She liked the car wash... unlike Georgie at her age

Papa’s falling asleep