Worked on my “LISTS” kit from @aliedwardsdesigninc today. A few of my favorite things right now...

Perfect night for a fundraiser at Jases school. He drew this rainbow on the pizza carton.

Lunch time... another bites the dust... now Jon has the “FLU” we both had fevers today anywhere from 99.5-103...

Georgie built another track today

Way way warming me up

Lunch time chatter between these two

She wanted her hair up but only lasted for 5 minutes

Tea and honey...

Georgie making Madeline’s bed for her

By 10am I was starting to feel a little normal...

Oh hanky you’re crying...

This “FLU” literally is kicking my butt... muscle pains, fevers, chills then on top of trying to take care of kids who are sick is not fun...

Just two girls with fevers

Everyone building

Building tracks

Checking out the thomas’

Dinner last night

Birthday boy blowing out his candles

Georgie made ti kah from Moana

Made brownies for the birthday boy...

Someone else has a fever

Waylon being Waylon...

Jase was busy cleaning on reorganizing everything downstairs

Playing in Jases bed

Just finished this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Paying bills and using #YNAB and #erincondren planner.

My @aliedwardsdesigninc “LIST” kit came today. Have been planning my ideas for the spreads I want to create with this kit. Can’t wait to jump in!

Happy birthday @thebiker45

Happy birthday @thebiker45

Happy birthday @thebiker45

Happy birthday @thebiker45

Making cards for Papa

So tired

Georgie can’t get enough of this memory game

Cuddling and eating Cheerios

And just like that this one has a fever

Moana time

Mama you woke me up

Two thumbs up

Jase and his classmate went to skyzone for a play date

Jase being silly

Georgie colored his all RED

Starting on valentine decorations

Dinner for next week

Way way was busy with his llama


Loves her new doll

Playing goldfish...

Headed back to my functional medical doctor. I have 18 tests tomorrow to see where my levels are at...

Playing the memory game